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impianto trattamento rifiuti
Nastri Trasportatori - carpenteria metallica di Otelli Silvano, nastri trasportatori industriali; trasportatori a nastro in pvc. La carpenteria metallica di Otelli Silvano realizza nastri trasportatori per trattamento rifiuti, nastri trasportatori per acciaierie, nastri trasportatori estrusioni alluminio, nastri trasportatori per fonderie, nastri trasportatori per lavorazioni metalli.
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Conveyors Belt - Otelli Mechanical Carpentry

The company Otelli Silvano, was founded at the beginning of the 1980th and is specialized in construction of Conveyor belt systems and elevators.
Years of acquired experience allow to offer technical advanced solutions and customized to operate in different environments which are: working with scrap metal, food industry, treatment refusals, etc.

Construction of belt conveyors also for foundries and extrusions of aluminum with a large number of types and different details: silos for chip removal and material of every kind.

Another strenght point of Otelli's carpentry is the specialization in the application of coat welding in great dimensions. In order to see some example, visits our gallery or contacts us directly; we show you the countless solutions for almost any problem, supplying to the customer experience, professionality and quality.

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